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22 Nov 2008

should've been better

ah eek deh makin lama makin ancur blog gue. kayaknya sebentar lagi blog sialan ini akan terbengkalai deh kawan2, gue semakin gapunya waktu buat ngurusin, dan gue semakin gak jago dalam urusan bermain dengan gini-ginian. so goodbye peopleeeeeeeeeeeee

so, what's with my unstopping mind? we'll figure it out later on. kalo gue buat blog baru, atau ngurusin yang ini lagi, atau apapun itu, berarti jiwa gue emang forced to share anything, any simple shits. tapi kalo enggak, yea you kno wat i min

corpsman ; Saturday, November 22, 2008

26 Sep 2008

a letter from me to you : words

Oh, hello.

I thought you aren’t here yet

I prayed to God, for something special

He gave you to me, I thought it was true, I thought it was really you

Take back everything you ever said,

You never meant a word of it, you never did.

All right, maybe it was me

I was unconsciously falling for you

I am sorry, I really am.

Take the pain out of love is pretty much like kicking you out of my head

These sealed lips of mine, they were hurting you

They’re talking way too much, they’re ruining me and you

How’s yours? The lips of yours, they’re moving so damn fast

I can’t understand no more, I am talking to the wall

I am not good at pretending, am i?

Do tell me something crazy, tell me you’re in love with me

Let’s just make me happy

I am not writing to reach you, I am trying to kick you

Kick you out, out of anywhere

In this corner of my mind, believe me, you will always be here

Or at least, somewhere there

Ps: I thought I am in love with you, but I changed my mind. We’ll see if you’ll change yours


corpsman ; Friday, September 26, 2008

20 Sep 2008

love is joking around

either it's stupidity or madness, i don't know
and i don't want to know


corpsman ; Saturday, September 20, 2008

19 Jul 2008

What would you say about this

Gue tiba-tiba inget sama pembicaraan gue dulu, pas liburan di jogja sama mahluk-mahluk imbisil; badar si boker duit, mutia si alaytis, bram sang bos kodok jogja, dan riski lito yang sedikit homo.

Di sore atau malem, gue lupa. kayaknya tengah malem deh, kita ngumpul di kamar si mahluk imbisil, dan ngebahas apakah uang bisa membeli segalanya. Cuma Mutia yang ngotot kalo uang gabisa beli semuanya, sedangkan sisanya juga ngotot uang jelas bisa beli apa aja. kalo badar sih, kayaknya udah berpengalaman banget kan tuh, jadinya dia ngotot kalo uang emang bisa beli apa aja, dari kebahagiaan sampe kemalangan. uang bisa kita pake buat nyuruh orang2 musuhin satu oknum di pergaulan kita, uang bisa ngapain aja, men.

Mutia bilang, uang mungkin bisa beli kesenangan, tapi uang ga bisa beli kebahagiaan.

nah waktu itu gue belom terlalu ngeh tuh bedanya apa, dan gue juga masih agak gak peduli.
sampe kemaren, saat gue lagi ber-late-night-talk sama si kodok solmet, kita ngomongin kesenangan dan kebahagiaan. awalnya sks(si kodok solmet) ga percaya sama teori gue yang membedakan kesenangan dan kebahagiaan. lalu kita melalui perdebatan panjang. untungnya ga sampe pagi, gak kayak perdebatan2 lain yang panjang beneeer. akhirnya gue inget sama kata2 mutia di jogja dulu itu, yang semakin menyokong pendapat gue. terus akhirnya gue jelasin deh bedanya kesenangan dan kebahagiaan.

Gue ngerasa, gue setiap hari juga bisa aja ngerasa seneng, selalu malah. Tapi gak semua kesenengan itu sama dengan bahagia. Bahagia cuma bisa gue rasain di saat di mana gue ngerasa seluruh dunia sayang sama gue, di mana gue yakin gue ada di tangan yang bener, di mana gue yakin kalo orang-orang yang ada sama gue itu emang beneran orang-orang yang terbaik buat gue, orang-orang yang beneran gue tau bakalan selalu ada buat gue.

Karena rasanya beda, di saat gue seneng2 sama temen2 gue, gue mungkin cuma seneng doang.
tapi kalo gue lagi bareng sama sahabat gue, meskipun gue cuma diem di rumah sambil makan es, atau cuma ngobrol sama adek adek sepupunya sahabat gue, gue bisa ngerasain bahagia ada buat gue. i can feel how it really is exist. Sama kayak gue bareng bokap gue, meskipun cuma ngejemput bokap yang gak jadi operasi gigi, gue bahagia. lebih bahagia daripada tadi siang yang gue abisin ngalay barengan sama orang2 di skolah. okay, kalo lo gak ngerti, maap. sks juga awalnya gak ngerti.

sampe akhirnya sks mulai bisa ngebayangin rasanya, and finally he discovered what's the different, and here comes the glory. Seneng gak sih lo, gue berasa menang perdebatan, dan it just feels good, heh? hahahaha. come on, laugh people

dan akhirnya, sampe lah persoalan inti, gimana caranya ngebedain seneng sama bahagia?
gue jawabnya sih: pegangan. gue bisa bahagia di saat gue tau gue punya pegangan.

terus akhirnya gue dan sks bertekad untuk mencari apa itu sebenernya pegangan untuk bahagia, biar kita bisa selalu ada barengan kebahagiaan itu, biar dia selalu mau nemenin kita, dan gak ngebiarin kita lari dari hidup ini, gue mau pegangan itu bikin gue selalu ngadepin idup bukan cuma pake hati, tapi juga pake otak. gue mau pegangan itu bisa membantu gue menyelipkan sedikit aja kebahagiaan di semua kesenangan gue setiap harinya. gue mau semua orang di hidup gue jadi sahabat gue, jadi pegangan gue.

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corpsman ; Saturday, July 19, 2008

8 Jul 2008


i think i am being cool-er these days, heh? i've had this kind of headache so i couldn't put no more jokes on anything.

hell yeah, being sick is the worst scene in a movie of your life called holiday, isn't it?
imagine me covered with a super-long-t-shirt, a-super-sweater, and a pair of my super-cool-long-socks. i was so damn super. stuperpid

errrr, i am still trying to find out what in the hell was i trying to write down here
sorry, i couldn't make it. let's just have a super-cool-dinner then. with some strawberry juice, that'd be great. at least, i could pretend as a super-healthy-soup-er.

go fuck these -super-, i am still working on getting rid of it


corpsman ; Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hi Fellow Human

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i am a human that speaks the language of english and bahasa, and sooo fucking little japanese

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