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31 May 2008

maybe after you're gone, let me know

is it hurt to be dead?
a tale about living lives
a bed time story for those who'd really want to wake up the next day
a way to live forever, is to be remembered
here it is, the tale of a cute boy who believes in UFOs and a friend of him that was a huge fan of Greenday.
i know you're scared of death, me too.
but don't
then you could see that the world really is beautiful
Sam's favorite line might be: the way to live forever is by copy paste your brain, your mind into a disk on a computer, lets hope there's no virus breaking in
-must read ! (ways to live forever by Sally Nicholls)

corpsman ; Saturday, May 31, 2008

24 May 2008

misfortune abis

dry2 says (7:06 PM):
dry2 says (7:06 PM):
napa lo nsy?
dry2 says (7:07 PM):
gw jg baru sembuh dari masalah speedy
ansy says (7:07 PM):
iya nih anjing bangettttttt
dry2 says (7:07 PM):
dry2 says (7:07 PM):
ansy says (7:07 PM):
masa kemaren spidi anjing terkutuk babik ini baru rusak sebulan lebih
ansy says (7:07 PM):
eh tiba2 tagihan mahal
dry2 says (7:07 PM):
dry2 says (7:07 PM):
ansy says (7:07 PM):
emak gue ngomel2 ANJIIIINGGGG
dry2 says (7:07 PM):
dry2 says (7:07 PM):
untung gw gak separah itu
dry2 says (7:08 PM):
gw cuman rusak modem doang, tp digantiin
ansy says (7:08 PM):
ah babik
dry2 says (7:08 PM):
dry2 says (7:08 PM):
trus gmn?
dry2 says (7:08 PM):
skrg pake apaan?
ansy says (7:08 PM):
kemaren modem gue juga rusak
dry2 says (7:09 PM):
iya gara2 mati lampu berturut2

and then she went along with her words and completely destroy my world
argh fuck. marah deh tuh emak2 tau gue make bahasa binatang gitu
gue disuruh istghfar deh, terus INTERNET GUE MAU DICABUT DEH

so long and goodbye, my insanity

corpsman ; Saturday, May 24, 2008

17 May 2008

i am sixteen, you're seventeen, easy

cap tangan
maybe its hell outside
yeah i know you felt like a bumb
it is written and done
but you could change your mind
fuck it, you could be what you fvcking want


corpsman ; Saturday, May 17, 2008

14 May 2008

Say I am Gay!

Tujuan hidup lo apa? gue pernah baca di suatu kertas, gue lupa apaan. katanya kalo tujuan hidup kita itu adalah untuk bahagia, itu berarti kita bodoh banget. deg abis. gue mau bahagia.


Ternyata bahagia itu gak bisa gue temuin, yang ada tuh gue bikin.
Sedangkan masa iya tujuan hidup lo mau lo bikin?
Kalo gue sih mikirnya tujuan hidup tuh di temuin. gimana?
dengan ngebikin hal2 yang nantinya bisa nunjukkin kita ke jalan untuk mencapai tujuan hidup itu.

Jadi, tujuan hidup gue itu lebih dari sekedar bahagia. Gue juga mau ngebahagiain orang-orang di sekitar gue, kalo perlu di seluruh dunia. biar semua orang bisa ngerasain rasanya dipeduliin, ngerasain rasanya ada yang sayang sama mereka, gue mau semua orang bisa senyum setiap hari, dan bikin dunia ini jauh lebih penuh kasih sayang.

Ketawain aja gue, kalo lo emang berasa ini lucu
gue juga suka ketawa. apalagi ngetawain elo

mungkin gue emang freak, tulisan gue serba gak nyambung.
hey, its already late at night. i am just being my self


corpsman ; Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hi Fellow Human

Welcome to my Emotionspray. congrats! you're the
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little monkey to be here!

Briliant Sih

iam the kind of yellow-freak species. i used to be in love, but let me tell you monks. this is the world that i visited when i am bored. so i maybe different. but hey, i am still the one you thought i was.


i am a human that speaks the language of english and bahasa, and sooo fucking little japanese

dont make me lonely, drop some words!

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