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25 Mar 2008

we fall for him

we just fall, we don't know how
he's undone and unseen
but we just do
it's just a part of him
flog me off, us
what an accident
what a crush, what a day, what a boy
nice one
the photo above was taken by ansy herself

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corpsman ; Tuesday, March 25, 2008

21 Mar 2008

a letter to God

Dear God,

i just think that i might need to talk to you about something that's been disturbing me these days. just about anything, everything and i thought that it might be a good time since it's my scarily damned birthday just about 2 hours away

I just want to thank you, my honour. for the damned great 15 years that you've given to me. every single pray, wishes and even whispers that i made, you've done those wonderful magics.
The 15 years is like heaven for me. you gave me miracles, ups and downs. thanks

it's been hardly 15 years filled with problems, but now you're here, offering me to come over another years, hopefully. all i want to have is everything that you give to me. then i realized that i am absolutely nothing without you. you gave me these hands that i used for writing, drawing, and any other shits, you gave me these feet, this great brain those animals wishing for, you gave me my life, my 15 years that lies beneath bunch of happiness. God, you're my everything.

How dare me to forget you even just a couple times? while you're there always making the best for me? While you're there planning what is best suit in me. Kick me please. give me anything i deserved. flog me off here, not there.

God, i am sorry if i am too dare to ask anymore birthday wishes, but i know you're pleased to hear me beg. i am begging you for another years full of smiles and happiness. okay maybe there's absolutely going to be some tears fall down, that's okay. but don't make it useless, please. God, i am soooo full of damn good things right now.

i am hoping for my 16, that it's going to make me a lot more mature, not anymore an underage thinking little girl. grow me up, God.

give me the pleased to split a laugh anytime
give me a reason to stay calm
give me a reason for anyone to smile
give me everything that i need, not that i want
give me the unlimited power of giving you my best

sincerely yours
P.S: I Love You


corpsman ; Friday, March 21, 2008

6 Mar 2008

melody's exist

think and drink, all these problems of our life
get it all through, i need you to
would you please name a thing,
that wouldn't mind bothering?

there's ups and downs in life
it's storming on the sea, long live for a melody
there's love to share and a pure smile to care
life's too short anyway
is it all just happiness what we're talking about?
is that even acceptable in sense?
think and drink, give a melody to sing
it's more than just a way of wasting
it's my way of loving


corpsman ; Thursday, March 06, 2008

4 Mar 2008

crazy for secret, you dumb ass

what's your destination?
is it the heaven or just being a servant?
it's what it worth the mosti hate secrets more than anything
and i know i am right
Avoid secrets.
Too many secrets can create an atmosphere of mistrust.
On the other hand, sharing information shows a desire to include other people.
at least, that's what i've found on my ef text book, biatch
go find a piece of mind, though i know you're fucked up
really hate secrets, i'd kill it if only it's alive

corpsman ; Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hi Fellow Human

Welcome to my Emotionspray. congrats! you're the
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little monkey to be here!

Briliant Sih

iam the kind of yellow-freak species. i used to be in love, but let me tell you monks. this is the world that i visited when i am bored. so i maybe different. but hey, i am still the one you thought i was.


i am a human that speaks the language of english and bahasa, and sooo fucking little japanese

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