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26 Sep 2008

a letter from me to you : words

Oh, hello.

I thought you aren’t here yet

I prayed to God, for something special

He gave you to me, I thought it was true, I thought it was really you

Take back everything you ever said,

You never meant a word of it, you never did.

All right, maybe it was me

I was unconsciously falling for you

I am sorry, I really am.

Take the pain out of love is pretty much like kicking you out of my head

These sealed lips of mine, they were hurting you

They’re talking way too much, they’re ruining me and you

How’s yours? The lips of yours, they’re moving so damn fast

I can’t understand no more, I am talking to the wall

I am not good at pretending, am i?

Do tell me something crazy, tell me you’re in love with me

Let’s just make me happy

I am not writing to reach you, I am trying to kick you

Kick you out, out of anywhere

In this corner of my mind, believe me, you will always be here

Or at least, somewhere there

Ps: I thought I am in love with you, but I changed my mind. We’ll see if you’ll change yours


corpsman ; Friday, September 26, 2008

20 Sep 2008

love is joking around

either it's stupidity or madness, i don't know
and i don't want to know


corpsman ; Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hi Fellow Human

Welcome to my Emotionspray. congrats! you're the
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little monkey to be here!

Briliant Sih

iam the kind of yellow-freak species. i used to be in love, but let me tell you monks. this is the world that i visited when i am bored. so i maybe different. but hey, i am still the one you thought i was.


i am a human that speaks the language of english and bahasa, and sooo fucking little japanese

dont make me lonely, drop some words!

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